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About Our Company.


ST. Ann Transportation, Inc. was established on December 31, 1997.  We are a contract carrier that services

the Middle Atlantic Region as well as the New England States from our home base in Fort Ann, NY.


Our Offices are located at 11342 State Route 149 in Fort Ann, NY.  We presently operate a fleet that consists of 

fourteen company owned trucks, ten independent operators and a trailer pool that includes approximately ninety dry vans and one flatbed.  Most of our fleet maintenance is conducted at our own 8,500 Square foot facility in Fort Ann, NY.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, safe, clean equipment and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. ST. Ann handled over 10,000 damage free shipments in 2011 with an on time delivery rate of  98.6%.


Our sister company, ST. Ann Group, Inc. began operating as a (3PL) third party logistics provider also in December of 1997.  ST. Ann Group services the contiguous United States and is presently contracted with more than 3,000 well qualified carriers. Our staff closely monitors the on time service ratings, insurance policies and safety ratings of all contracted carriers. We require all carriers to maintain an annual on time delivery percentage of at least 98% in order to receive future load tenders.


ST. Ann Transportation, Inc. and ST. Ann Group, Inc. look forward to doing business with your company. 

We feel that we have developed a niche in the transportation industry with our ability to service both regional and long haul deliveries.  Once you try our service, we sincerely feel that we will develop a lasting relationship with your company.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company.



Bill McQueen